Backyard Animals Domino Adventures

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Backyard Animals Domino Adventures

  • 110 Pieces Set
  • Four Friendly Backyard Pals
  • Six Fun Colors
  • Four Exciting Stunts: Steps, Bridge, Swinging Bell, Ramp
  • Domino's - 2" tall, 1" wide, and .25" thick
  • For Ages 3+

Backyard Animals Domino Adventures is a 110 piece wooden domino set. Drop the red ball down the starting ramp and get ready for the domino adventure! How did you set the dominoes up this time? Are there lots of twisty turns, or did you stretch them out long and straight? Look how quickly they all tumble and fall!

There are hours and hours of stimulating, open-ended play packing into a play set. Kids can get creative, matching colors and animals, building up the blocks, and integrating the special stunt pieces. Construct a snaking spiral, assemble (and topple!) a tall castle--your child will never create the same layout twice! Dominoes are ideal tools to help kids explore motion, kinetic energy, and cause-and-effect relationships. They're also a fun, simple way to build fine motor skills and dexterity. We have a hunch your child will really fall for them!


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