Sub Shop Board Game

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Sub Shop Board Game

In Sub Shop, the game of competitive sandwich construction, use 8 ingredients to build 11 unique sandwiches to fill the picky and particular orders of 9 zany customers! Lay your ingredient cards onto the real tablecloth game board, and when you complete an order, ring the kitchen service bell, shout "Order up!" and collect your tip!

When you think you've got the core game down, try the advanced rules and add in the action cards. You can double the tip before claiming a sandwich! Or, if your opponent is close to claiming their own sandwich, you can make theirs moldy! Add an extra sandwich for the chance at extra money, or make a foe fix a broken oven.

Sub Shop cards are printed on high-quality German card stock and plastic-coated for longevity and playability. The service bell is real, restaurant-quality stainless steel, and the table cloth game board is real linen! Take quick, strategic card-based gameplay, add quality game components, top it off with original art, fun facts, and silly character bios, and you've got an addictive card game perfect for all ages!


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