Space Adventure Pound & Tap Bench

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Space Adventure Pound & Tap Bench

Ancient philosophers once spoke of the "Music of the Spheres." This isn't quite the same thing, but these spheres really do make music! Pick up your hammer and give the colorful balls a tap-tap-tap, and when one drops, listen to the enchanting scale it plays on the way down! When you're ready to make your own music, just slide out the xylophone and give its colorful bars a tap with the hammer. Each color plays a different note, so you'll be composing your own tunes in no time.

This pound and tap bench incorporates music and sound into everyday learning! Pound and tap benches enhance fine motor skills and problem solving skills in musicians 12 months and older. Watch them start by tapping the colorful balls down the scale, and as they grow, begin to make their own music across the xylophone. This set includes three colorful balls and a hammer with a broad side for pounding the bench and a thin side for tapping across the xylophone. With its artfully designed space illustrations, this bench will have your little ones creating music that is out of this world!

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  • Case Pack - 8 Units
  • Product Package Size - 10.5" x 6.0" x 6.0"
  • Product Weight - 2.4 lbs
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